Professor Frank Wohler Founder of Delta Kajukenbo





" I'm not showing you any magic, just years of hard work! "

  The sixth Black Belt of Grand Master James Juarez is Professor Frank Wohler. Professor Wohler began studying Kajukenbo in 1978 at the age of 29.  Upon his passing, in February of 2011, he was posthumously awarded the rank of Black Belt, 9th degree, with the title of Grand Master.  He was known to his direct students as “Sifu”.  Sifu, meaning “teacher father”  is the traditional Chinese greeting for ones master or teacher.

   Delta Kajukenbo first opened in Tracy in 1992, and has been in the present location since June of 2005.  Prior to his passing, Sifu taught & practiced daily. He also coordinated special Black Belt classes monthly to ensure the integrity of Kajukenbo – Gaylords Method.

   Grand Master Wohler is succeeded by two of his top black belts and lifetime KAA members: Sifu Justin Camara and Sibak Kellen Houk.



Dues are required and payable every month on the designated billing date regardless of how many classes a student attends. Failure to pay dues will be considered a break in membership. Re-enrollment following a break in membership will be subject to the current advertised rates, terms and conditions.  

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